Here Are 21 Snowmen By Kashmiris, And They Are Awesome

1. Olaf in Kashmir is bruised and blooded.


2. We seriously hope the challan wasn’t a court challan; the judge would’ve melted

3. -10 degree Celsius Horsepower

4. This bride got the least wartaw, why? She has one of the coldest hearts.

5. Bunny? Cat? Who cares! We’re lovin it!

6. Ladies stop melting, the coolest teddy is in town.

7. We all know why there’s a knife nearby.

8. Another cold bride.

9. Snow means freedom to express

10. Snow means freedom to thought.

11. A Kashmiri kid poses behind a master piece of creativity

12. Foliage


13. Who’d miss hot kahwa or noon chai on a cold winter day?

14. Save us


15. Jajeer and Cocacola? Yeah we get it.


16. For all you GOT fans out there.

17. The level of detail is brilliant

18. To freedom, and beyond!

19. Loud and clear

20. More messages

21. Amid all this creativity, I’m just gonna plug in our earphones and listen to ‘I Protest’