Why Should Kashmir Stand With Aleppo

Nobody right now in the world is uninformed about the elimination of humans on a mass-scale in most of the countries especially Middle East. People might feign ignorance or claim to be misinformed but the loss, better say murder, of innocent civilians on a daily basis by phony dictators, backed by imperial, “democratic”, developed superpowers, should incur unbiased outrage from every conscious citizen of the world.

What has Syria been turned into: a global power lab. What has been made of Aleppo: a rubble. What has been done to the brimming city of Homs: silenced into submission. How have been Syrians dealt with: gassed, disappeared, bombed, droned or say Hitler-ed.

What is the situation of Rohingya Muslims in Burma: on the verge of ethnic cleansing. Even Aung San Suu Kyi has stuffed up Nobel cotton up her ears and Nobel chain on her lips. Palestine? What about that intractable occupation: UN has again passed a resolution, a ruse. Yemen: not different.

Back home, where is Kashmir. We have just survived 2016 — the year of world’s first mass blinding — (have we; there are still many days left. A hundred people dead. Thousands injured. Thousands behind bars. Hundreds blinded. Hundreds paralysed. And yet the occupation continues.

What unites us all. From Palestine to Kashmir, Syria to Burma and Yemen to Iraq. The oppression. The pain heaped on us. The eradication of our own kind by humans turned monsters. The reason why we pay heed to what is happening in each others backyard is our own daily plight.

The other day, in Sher-e-Kashmir Park, Srinagar, a solidarity protest for Syria, Rohingya, Yemen, Palestine and especially the displaced natives of Aleppo became an uncanny occurrence amidst a vibrant Sunday Market day. A handful of students and journalists held placards and banners to display solidarity.

There cannot be a tangible result of such a minuscule gathering. It did not appear in the international pages or even the local media. Yes, maybe the Syrians, Yemenis, Rohingya and Palestinians won’t come to know if this thing ever happened. But, for us, as a people under subjugation, it matters for our revolutionary growth.

Selective outrage and selective solidarity is no solidarity at all. It is sheer hypocrisy. For the realisation of a better world order, injustice have to be holistically viewed. Whether the recipient is a black, a Muslim, a transgender or any other oppressed identity. And as Che would say, “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”.

It should also give us an insight of how the State takes such events. Even though everybody has been shedding tears on Aleppo, maybe even our own oppressors, but at the same time, the presence of uniformed and intelligence men around the protest area is sufficient for us to make sense of what they are up to.

If they thwart a solidarity protest for Syria, Yemen or Palestine, are they not being loyal to dictators like Assad. Without knowing him, they put their power behind him to stop us from sharing a moment of support with the beseiged masses in Aleppo. Thus, dominating regimes all over the world are partners in crime.

And thus, logically, oppressed people all over the world are united in resistance. We stand for our rights. And the rights of any single human out there, facing violation of his rights, from any power on this planet.