Circles – A Poem Depicting 2016 In Kashmir | Pervaiz Ali

Reyaz Ahmed's tearful funeral procession

Casualty takes birth in Kashmir by simplest means,
Our people sailing obliviously through a dark hell.

Daily torture is practiced in dark secret corners,
One can imagine innocents in a dark despotic hell.

Generations gone by, as desires of freedom is bred,
A resistance movement to question occupation takes root.

Structural violence breeds discontent in hearts of youths,
Passive resistance takes the shape of active objections.

Peaceful protests with slogans and lectures to boost morale,
Met by security forces with no tolerance for dissent.

Tensions high as the people seek to have their voices heard,
But live bullets are aimed to pierce bosom of teenagers.

Pellets aimed to maim and blind the future generations,
Tags of “violent mob” is used to shield killers from justice.
Innocent death dished serves only to harden resolves,
A cycle now developed in a revolving door of death and blame.