Glamorizing Indian Abuses In Kashmir – GQ India

4rThere has always been a consensus within the oppressor entities of the world, whether they are state or non-state, of blaming the oppressed for the crimes committed against them. The Israelis do it in Palestine. For example, when they bombard the Gaza strip with phosphorous bombs, the boilerplate justification given by IOF is that the annihilation of Palestinian men, women and children is for the defense of Israel against kitchen-made rockets of Hamas. Same is the case with India’s occupation of Kashmir. Blaming the dead civilians, who regularly fall prey to Indian oppression, for their own murder, the Indian state and its local henchmen/women try to whitewash the state-terrorism in Kashmir.

However, this past-day, India’s oligarchic class took the demonizing of Kashmiris a step-further. The GQ magazine’s India edition used the pellet massacre inflicted upon Kashmiri populace by the Indian forces through the previous seven months of mass-uprising, as a “make-up theme” for one of its fashion shows. The twitter handle GQ photographed Shantanu Mehra and Nikhil Mehra, two Indian designers, adorning a model with what GQ called “bullet- pellet effect.”


This sheer insensitivity of GQ towards the sentiments of Kashmiris, 14 of whom have been killed by pellet gunfire with around 500 blinded, is outrageous, to put it mildly. Considering the fact that 14% of the pellet-victims in Kashmir are below 15 years of age, this is akin to abusing Aylan Kurdi, the Syrian toddler who drowned while desperately trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea into Europe, for Paris Fashion Week. This also comes at a time when the world is outraged over a Russian reality TV show using “Holocaust theme” for an ice-skating performance. The conflation of crass-consumerism, abusive capitalism and glamour with epic tragedy has become another feather in the neo-fascist flood that is overwhelming the entire world from United States to India.