To My Mother – Asiya Andrabi’s Son Writes A Poem For Her

asiya andrabi


Mother, your heart is so beautiful, so restful and solacing!
A kiss on the forehead strengthens me to go through all that I’m facing.

Your words so encouraging, and your presence so enthralling!
You hold me while I’m falling apart, and bield me while I’m failing!

He laid the ‘paradise beneath your feet’ and we all know why!
And nothing replaces the comfort, the protection I feel when in your arms I lie!

You’re the castle for me, and I seek protection there.
When the ocean of tears, drown me in dejection and despair!

You’re the most special woman in my life; I’ll always hold you dearest and high!
You never stop loving me, and each time you’re hurt, you give me another chance
with a deep sigh!

And I’ll always feel blessed and gifted for having you and your anger too!
I live in your prayers and tears, for me unconditional love is just another name for you!

I mightn’t always make you happy, might feel bad about your scolding!
But it doesn’t prevail over the respect, regard I’ll always for you be holding.

I know I might act silly at times, and behave like a stupid!
You’re the paradigm of patience; you defeat great men when it comes to being intrepid!

I might fight with you over and again, at times even put you in pain!
But now from everything that hurts your trust upon me, I promise I’ll refrain!

You’re the woman of substance; it feels so proud to be your child!
Your thought is happiness for me and your touch so tender and mild!

You’ve not only been a mother for me, but a true guardian, caretaker and protector!
You not only worry about the present world of mine, but greater concern you feel about my life hereafter!

I remember the times when you were blamed for my mistakes and each loophole!
But little do they know, for all the good that’s present inside me, you’re the only responsible soul!

-And these lines are only meant for you ama!

Asiya Andrabi, chief of Dukhtaran-e-Milat, a Kashmiri women's separatist group, speaks during a news conference in Srinagar December 31, 2008. Andrabi was set free this week after she was jailed nearly for four months by the Indian authorities for leading mass anti-India protests in the troubled Himalayan region, according to local media. REUTERS/Fayaz Kabli (INDIAN-ADMINISTERED KASHMIR)

And I know you’re ill, and I feel your illness stronger then you do!
You’re always in my prayers, while I’m resting and even when I’m on the move!

Now when you’re away from me in such difficulty, each moment is so painful for me to bear!
I crave the time with you, the little things too, especially when you ran your fingers through my hair!