8 Reasons Why We Miss Kashmir The Most During Winters

It is never easy to be outside home, for us Kashmiris, winter the time we miss Kashmir the most (summer too, when the mercury goes up).
Here are a few things that are always on the back of our minds when we aren’t in Kashmir during winters.


1. Snowfall

We all used to watch the snow fall from our windows. Keep our eyes on a single flake and waited till it hit the ground.

2. Pheran

This beautiful robe keeps us warm. Why expose your hands to the chilling cold when you can grab a kangri and put it inside your pheran?

3. Harisa


4. Kangri


4. Warm coversations in the mornings at the Kander-waan (literally)

Freezing outside, cozy inside at the traditional Kashmiri bakery shops in Kashmir; interesting conversations take place here.

5. Trip to Gulmarg

Gulmarg in winters looks heavenly with every single thing covered in snow.

6. Long chats on Masjid Hamaams
masjid hamam
There’s nothing like a long, long, very long conversation after prayers on a masjid Hamam when it’s freezing cold outside.

7. Hokh Syun


Al-Hache (Dried Gourd), Wangan Hache (Dried Eggplant), Ruwangan Hache (Dried Tomatoes), Gogji Aar (Dried Turnips; all these are the vegetables we dry during summers for use in winters.

8. Kahwa

Kahwa on a cold winter morning is always heavenly. We’d rather take kehwa over ‘lipton chai’¬†any day.


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