Ceaseless Darkness – A Poem For Pellet Victims Of Kashmir

Reyaz Ahmed's tearful funeral procession

 Poem for Pellet Victims of Kashmir

Nasir Shafi's dead pellet ridden body

Their world feels deadly dark and entirely empty.
With sight of hundreds being snatched, we have another byspel of brutality.

They can’t see a thing and till yesterday they did.
The despots roam carefree, after all the oppression, they never even hid.

Their families are devastated, with all the efforts for curing going in vain.
And obscurity surrounds them now; can there be a bigger pain?

You can’t give them your sight and can’t take away their agony.
But don’t hold back from holding them up; remember your enemy is heartless and stony.

Insha, her father wailing, and wished if he could give her his sight.
A doctor she wanted to be, now the best doctors gave up on her, this is the height!

Those who lost their sight, but their vision lives along!
And if you can’t feel their pain no matter who you’re, then calling you a human will be wrong.

Those who’ll live their lives in such a trauma, let’s put ourselves in their shoes.
The blood of martyrs and their sacrifice can never be a waste, we ain’t gonna lose!

And don’t thou ever pin hopes on such butchers, all they feel for us is hatred and malice.
They will target the children & childhood of theirs, some are slaughtered while some made sightless.

This world is an affliction, a trial toughest for them, indeed a ceaseless darkness!
But enchanting and enlightening is their world hereafter, theirs is the eternal success.