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Imran Khan’s stance on Kashmir has been a mixed bag

Pakistan's 22nd Prime Minister ImranKhan has had a 22 year old struggle to reach the summit in Pakistan. But his and his party's (Pakistani...

What kind of Azaadi is this? (Spoiler Alert)

Azaadi is Lollywood's first attempt at romancing with Kashmir at a much closer level. The movie is set in present-day Kashmir which is battling...

Kashmiris react to the big break-up #BJPDumpsPDP

The news might have come as a surprise to all as BJP pulled out of the coalition government in the state. The state CM...

A miscarriage due to torture. How this Pakistani women’s life has been turned into...

Abdullah Danish Shervani a Kashmir University student befriended a Pakistani national Mehnaz Siddique in 2009 on a social network. On an educational trip to...


Madhosh Balhami responds to a tribute to his lost poems

مدہوش بالہامی بنامِ زابرہ فاضلی تاریخ۔ 12 اپریل 2018 زابرہ میری بیٹی اے میری نورِ بصر مرہمِ زخمِ جگر میرے لٸے ہیں تیرے جزبات ایسا لگتا ہے کہ...

So must have been she!


Kashmir’s Asaram Bapu that no one wants to talk about

Year 2002, I was 14, when my uncle came across Aijaz Sheikh, also known as Aijaz Molvi, who claimed to have memorised the Quran....

So must have been she!


Afzal Zinda Hai

I was stealing glances on my wristwatch. Outside my friends were waiting. They were out with Kites and spools. I could figure out...

The mourning

Dreadful Dusk


A Fateful Morning

I was driving back to home from my workplace, located on the wedge of a mountain range in the southern districts of Kashmir. On the...

So must have been she!

One Last Goodbye



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