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The Viral Fever: The Valley of Rumours

Kashmir is known for its scenic beauty and a historic culture. It has been a place where countless philosophers, poets and writers have emerged...

India’s Internet Censorship – A Guide

Why are we being censored? The government is afraid of ruining its image and wants to hide it's ugly reality in Kashmir. With the widespread...

I Am That Stone

Hurled by a slinging arm i bring the storm through the air carrying within me the memories and the history hitting the armour of...
Rashid Billa

6 Things You Need To Know About Rashid Billa

Rashid Ahmad Parray alias Rashid Billa was shot dead in the dark hours of April 16, 2017 by unidentified gunmen. Billa was one of the...

2016 Series


You Were Not There

Yes, you were not there When they seize my scarf, from my head. You have not seen them, Entering my house, at darkly nights. They deliberately choose, Our lone store room, So...

I Am That Stone

Season of Sorrow


The Confidant

It was the first night of Chilaikalan, she ventured out all by herself. In the stillness, a calm descended on her and she realized...

Blue Collar

Persons Of 2016

Burhan Wani – The Immortalized Youth Is Still A Revolution

"Tas nawjawanas nazrana yus yi samaj paak karne khaetre godnyuk bandook chalavi". “An offering to that youth who will fire the first gun to...

Ambulance Driver- The Superhuman of Healing

The ambulance driver in the Kashmir uprising of 2016 was nothing less than a stretcher-bearer in the trenches of First World War. The drivers,...

A Tribute To The Innocent Face

Let the world answer his tears Let the world watch his heart break Let the world listen to his cries Let the world...

Graves of Dolls – An Obituary For Kaneeza

16 March 2017 Little Kaniza, I am writing your obituary (and it is such a terrible thing to say!). I don’t know the circumstances of your...

Breaking The Barriers: Kayehaan

Artists in Kashmir have always shown the extent of their talent. From Papier-Machie to a canvas; sky's the limit for artists from Kashmir. We continue...

Enslaved – A Poem About Kashmir

No doubt, we’ve been enslaved for so long and long. But one day, towards freedom we’ll jubilantly throng! Let me tell you a tale, a story...


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